Self-improvement for Lifelong Success

Individuals who seek techniques for discovering their personal strengths and increasing their self-worth


Expected Duration
24 minutes

We all have areas of our lives to improve upon, and working toward self-improvement has lasting positive impacts on your personal and professional life. In this course you’ll learn about the key principles to keep in mind when committing to self-improvement to help keep you on track. You’ll also learn how to create a self-improvement plan to organize your self-improvement activities. This course also covers techniques for building and maintaining an effective self-improvement mentoring relationship, and common obstacles you may face so you can overcome them when you are challenged by them in your self-improvement efforts.


Planning Lifelong Self-Improvement

  • identify key principles of committing to self-improvement
  • recognize the positive impacts self-improvement efforts can have on your life
  • identify the five steps for creating a self-improvement plan
  • identify activities that help you maintain an openness to learning and self-development
  • identify the key characteristics necessary for developing a positive self-improvement mentoring relationship
  • recognize common obstacles to self-improvement





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