Server 2016 – Install, Store, and Compute: Maintaining Servers and Images

Individuals who will manage the planning, installation, and configuration of a Windows 2016 environment; individuals preparing for the Microsoft Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740) exam


Expected Duration
128 minutes

In this course, you’ll examine the tools native to Windows Server 2016 used to create, deploy, manage, and maintain servers and server images. These tools include the Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit (MAP), the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), and the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). You will also learn about updating image files, including update and patch management using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). This course is part of a series preparing for the Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740) exam.


Introduction to Deployment Images

  • start the course
  • plan for Windows Server virtualization
  • plan for Linux and FreeBSD deployments
  • describe Windows images and supported image types

Images: MAP Toolkit and MDT

  • understand the Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit (MAP)
  • explain the purpose of deployment images and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) used to deploy and maintain them
  • understand the use of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
  • implement and manage deployment images by using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Virtual Machine Workloads

  • determine considerations for deploying workloads into virtualized environments
  • update images
  • install roles and features in offline images
  • manage and maintain Windows Server Core images, Nano Server images, and VHDs using Windows PowerShell

Implementing WSUS

  • describe the purpose of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and the requirements to implement WSUS
  • manage the update process with WSUS
  • configure WSUS groups
  • manage patch management in mixed environments
  • understand Windows Defender
  • integrate Windows Defender with WSUS

Practice: WSUS Topology

  • choose WSUS topology appropriate for a given scenario





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