Server 2016 – Install, Store, and Compute: Upgrading, Managing, and Monitoring

Individuals who will manage the planning, installation, and configuration security or performance of a Windows 2016 environment; individuals preparing for the Microsoft Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740) exam


Expected Duration
115 minutes

In this course, you’ll examine the prerequisites, tools, and requirements for upgrading to Windows Server 2016, and migrating roles and services from earlier versions. This course also covers monitoring solutions, Windows Server activation models, and recommendations for backup strategies in preparation for your servers being upgraded or migrated. This course is part of a series preparing for the Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740) exam.


Preparing for Upgrades and Migrations

  • start the course
  • identify the supported Windows Server 2016 upgrade paths
  • identify Windows Server 2016 upgrade considerations
  • describe the Windows Server 2016 upgrade process

Migrating Server Roles and Workloads

  • describe Windows Server migration tools
  • migrate server roles and workloads within a domain
  • describe considerations for cross-domain and forest migrations

Windows Server Activation Models

  • choose the appropriate Windows Server activation model
  • implement a Windows Server activation model

Determining Backup Strategies

  • identify the capabilities of Windows Backup
  • determine backup strategies for Hyper-V hosts
  • determine backup strategies for Hyper-V guests
  • determine backup strategies for Active Directory
  • determine backup strategies for file servers

Monitoring Windows Server 2016

  • monitoring Windows Server 2016 workloads using PerfMon and Resource Monitor
  • configure Data Collector Sets
  • describe appropriate thresholds for Windows Server 2016 workloads
  • describe how to manage Windows Event Logs

Practice: Manage and Monitor Server 2016

  • demonstrate upgrade and migration tasks, implement activation strategy, and monitor server performance





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