Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Deciphering Priorities

Team leads, supervisors, managers, directors, and strategic planners who manage organizational priorities to drive organizational success

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

As a manager, you need to be able to determine the difference between what has to be done and what has to be done first. By establishing clear priorities, you provide your team with the focus it needs to take the most effective action and achieve its goals more quickly. If the department’s priorities aren’t deciphered and defined, the team may lose sight of what’s most important and fall behind on objectives and performance.
This course helps you set priorities for your departmental team. It begins by explaining the importance of managing priorities appropriately and the dangers of failing to do so. Next, it shows you how to use the Eisenhower principle to rank tasks in terms of importance and urgency. It then walks you through a detailed Pareto technique for deciding how to prioritize among problems in a given scenario and gives you an opportunity to practice this method. Finally, it teaches you some best practice principles for measuring performance on priorities.


Determining Team Priorities

  • recognize benefits of effective team priority management
  • recognize true statements about priorities and prioritizing
  • use the Eisenhower hierarchy to deal effectively with priorities in a given scenario
  • use the Pareto technique to prioritize problem groups in a given scenario
  • recognize how to follow best practice for measuring performance on priorities





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