SharePoint 2010 Security and Business Intelligence

Users with proficiency in SharePoint and basic computing skills

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides several security options for ensuring that only users or groups who should be able to access specific contents can do so. Security can be configured at the item level, and can be managed for individual users or groups. This course examines SharePoint securing, and describes managing SharePoint groups, changing the inheritance for a site, managing permission levels, and configuring item-level security. It also discusses the concept of sandbox solutions.
SharePoint Business Intelligence solutions allow you to collect, store, and analyze business data to help in making business decisions and streamlining business processes. SharePoint dashboard and reporting features give users on-demand access to important business data. This course also covers the use of SharePoint dashboard and reporting features. Additional business intelligence features, such as Excel Services, Access Services, Visio Services, PerformancePoint Services, and the PowerPivot for Excel add-in are also discussed.


SharePoint Security and Business Intelligence

  • add members to a SharePoint group
  • create a SharePoint group
  • set item-level permissions
  • recognize how SharePoint add-ins can be used for business intelligence
  • identify the benefits of using SharePoint dashboards
  • identify the ways you can manage SharePoint site collection storage limits
  • create an alert for other users
  • configure SharePoint 2010 security and alerts





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