Sharing and Protecting Presentations in PowerPoint 2016

Users who have some familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint and want to extend their knowledge of new and more sophisticated features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.


Expected Duration
49 minutes

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 includes several new features for sharing and collaborating on presentations. In this course, you’ll learn how to share a presentation via e-mail, instant messaging, OneDrive, the cloud, or a shared network location. You’ll also learn how to protect a presentation from unwanted changes and how to use add-ins and apps within PowerPoint 2016. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for intermediate-level users.


Sharing Presentations via E-mail and IM

  • start the course
  • check a presentation for hidden properties and personal information before sharing it with others in PowerPoint 2016
  • attach a presentation to an e-mail from within PowerPoint 2016
  • share a presentation via e-mail from a shared location, from within PowerPoint 2016
  • using instant messaging to share a link to a presentation from within PowerPoint 2016

Sharing on a Network or via the Cloud

  • send a presentation to OneDrive for sharing with others from within PowerPoint 2016
  • share a presentation to the cloud for collaboration purposes from within PowerPoint 2016
  • use the Office Presentation Service to deliver a PowerPoint 2016 presentation online
  • save slides to a shared location, track and review changes, and choose to receive notifications of slide changes via e-mail in PowerPoint 2016
  • use an Adobe PDF version of a presentation for shared commenting and incorporate the comments in PowerPoint 2016

Protecting a Presentation

  • recover unsaved versions of presentations in PowerPoint 2016
  • add and remove password protection for a presentation in PowerPoint 2016
  • protect a document from changes by marking it as read-only in PowerPoint 2016

Add-Ins and Apps

  • install the Office Mix add-in and use it to create interactive videos in PowerPoint 2016
  • access the Microsoft Store Online, download an app, and use it when creating a presentation in PowerPoint 2016

Practice: Online Sharing and Protection

  • inspect a presentation for personal information and hidden properties, apply password protection, and share the presentation using PowerPoint 2016





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