SITCS v1.5 – Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

  • Engineers involved in the implementation and support of Cisco security solutions
  • Engineers looking to achieve the Cisco Certified Networking Professional Security certification


  • Foundational IP networking skills
  • An understanding of Cisco IOS security features such as acquired from the CCNA Routing and Switching and CCNA Security certifications

Expected Duration
5 day


In this course, you will learn how to deploy Ciscos Email Security (ESA); Web Security (CWS, WSA); Advanced Malware Protection (AMP); and Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS).

You will learn how to implement and manage security threat controls by leveraging the capabilities of Ciscos FirePOWER NGIPS, AMP, WSA, CWS, and ESA products and solutions. The hands-on labs enable to configure advanced Cisco security solutions for mitigating outside threats, and to secure traffic traversing the network and security systems.


1. Cisco Web Security Appliance

  • Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) Solutions
  • Integrating the Cisco Web Security Appliance
  • Configuring Cisco Web Security Appliance Identities and User Authentication Controls
  • Configuring Cisco Web Security Appliance Acceptable Use Control
  • Configuring Cisco Web Security Appliance Anti-Malware Controls
  • Configuring Cisco Web Security Appliance Decryption
  • Configuring Cisco Web Security Appliance Data Security Controls

2. Cisco Cloud Web Security

  • Cisco Cloud Web Security Solutions
  • Configuring Cisco Cloud Web Security Connectors
  • Web Filtering Policy in Cisco ScanCenter

3. Cisco Email Security Appliance

  • Cisco Email Security Solutions
  • Cisco Email Security Appliance Basic Setup Components
  • Configuring Cisco Email Security Appliance Basic Incoming and Outgoing Mail Policies

4. Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints

  • AMP for Endpoints Overview and Architecture
  • Customizing Detection and AMP Policy
  • IOCs and IOC Scanning
  • Deploying AMP Connectors
  • AMP Analysis Tools

5. Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS

  • Cisco FireSIGHT System
  • Configuring and Managing Cisco FirePOWER Devices
  • Implementing an Access Control Policy
  • Discovery Technology
  • Configuring File-Type and Network Malware Detection
  • Managing SSL Traffic with Cisco FireSIGHT
  • IPS Policy and Configuration Concepts
  • Network Analysis Policy
  • Creating Reports
  • Correlation Rules and Policies
  • Basic Rule Syntax and Usage

6. Cisco ASA FirePOWER Services

  • Installing Cisco ASA 5500-X Series FirePOWER Services (SFR)



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