Six Sigma and Measurement System Analysis

Candidates seeking Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and any other individuals involved in quality and process improvement at the organizational or departmental level


Expected Duration
71 minutes

Measurement system analysis tools and techniques are used during the Measure stage of the DMAIC methodology to determine how much measurement system variance is contributing to overall variance. The factors affecting precision and accuracy must be well understood, evaluated, and mitigated. In this course, you’ll explore the concepts and basic methods used in measurement system analysis, such as the assessment of bias, linearity, and stability, which are measures of accuracy. You’ll also learn how to carry out a gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) study to assess the precision of a measurement system. This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Yellow Belt candidates toward achieving their certifications and becoming productive members of their Six Sigma project teams.


Introduction to Measurement System Analysis

  • recognize examples of sources of measurement system error
  • distinguish between accuracy and precision
  • demonstrate your understanding of measurement system analysis

Assessing the Accuracy of a Measurement System

  • distinguish between linearity, stability, and bias
  • calculate bias and interpret the results
  • identify the significance of linearity in a measurement system
  • calculate linearity and interpret the results
  • recognize how stability is determined and used during a Six Sigma project
  • determine the bias, linearity, and stability of a measurement system

Assessing the Precision of a Measurement System

  • distinguish between repeatability and reproducibility
  • recognize how gauge repeatability and reproducibility studies are used during a Six Sigma project
  • interpret data from a study of total measurement system variation
  • conduct a GR&R study and interpret the results





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