Six Sigma Project Management Basics

Candidates seeking Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and any other individuals involved in quality and process improvement at the organizational or departmental level


Expected Duration
101 minutes

Effective project management tools and techniques are critical for a successful Six Sigma improvement initiative. This course examines several tools that are used for planning during the Define phase of a project, such as the project charter, communication plan, work breakdown structure, and Gantt chart. You will also learn how to use several tools for monitoring, reviewing, and managing the project, including activity network diagrams, affinity diagrams, matrix charts, relations charts, tree diagrams and tollgate reviews. This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Yellow Belt candidates toward their certification and also to become productive members on their Six Sigma project teams.


Project Charter for Six Sigma Improvement Projects

  • identify the elements of a project charter
  • recognize a well-written goal statement
  • recognize a well-written problem statement
  • identify best practices when scoping a Six Sigma project
  • demonstrate your understanding of each of the components of the project charter

Communication and Six Sigma

  • identify the elements of Six Sigma communication plan
  • determine the best communication tools to use in different situations
  • demonstrate your understanding of how communication plans work in Six Sigma

Planning Six Sigma Projects

  • identify how planning tools are used during a Six Sigma project
  • recognize how a work breakdown structure is used during a Six Sigma project
  • interpret a given Gantt chart
  • use planning tools for a Six Sigma project

Tools for Managing Six Sigma Projects

  • use an activity network diagram to gain information about a project
  • recognize best practices when creating affinity diagrams
  • recognize when to use a matrix chart
  • identify uses for a relations chart
  • recognize best practices for creating tree diagrams
  • use project management charts and diagrams

Six Sigma Project Phase Reviews

  • identify activities required to prepare for and conduct a tollgate review
  • demonstrate your understanding of how tollgate reviews are used to increase project success rates





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