Six Sigma Team Basics, Roles, and Responsibilities

Candidates seeking Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and any other individuals involved in quality and process improvement at the organizational or departmental level |


Expected Duration
84 minutes

Six Sigma needs both effective leadership and teamwork to deliver promised results to an organization. It is important to understand the value that teamwork brings to a Six Sigma project and how team members can individually support the success of their projects. In this course, you will learn about Six Sigma team roles and responsibilities and aspects of communication, as well as tools used for effective communication and decision-making. This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Yellow Belt candidates toward achieving their certifications and becoming productive members of their Six Sigma project teams.


Team Types and Stages of Development

  • match types of teams with their corresponding descriptions
  • identify ways in which Six Sigma teams provide value to an organization
  • recognize whether a given team is forming, storming, or norming
  • recognize activities that take place at the performing, adjourning, and recognition stages of team evolution
  • demonstrate your understanding about teams and how they evolve

Team Decision-making Techniques

  • sequence activities that take place during a brainstorming session
  • identify guidelines for effective use of the nominal group technique
  • identify the characteristics of the multivoting technique
  • demonstrate your understanding of how to use team decision-making techniques

Team Communication Methods

  • determine the best communication approach to take within a given a team context
  • identify the characteristics of an effective meeting agenda
  • identify best practices when recording minutes for meetings
  • recognize how status reports contribute to project success
  • demonstrate your understanding of how to use team communication tools

Six Sigma Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • match Six Sigma project roles with their corresponding responsibilities
  • recognize characteristics of a Yellow Belt
  • match project team members with their responsibilities
  • demonstrate your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of members of Six Sigma project teams





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