SkillSoft Guided Tour

This series is targeted specifically for all SkillSoft course users.


Expected Duration
120 minutes

Being new to a SkillSoft course shouldn’t mean that you spend valuable time trying to figure out how various features work. Nor does it mean you should waste valuable time doing a task when a shortcut exists. Learning new skills is tough enough, you shouldn’t add to it by having to figure out features within the course. This course is designed to inform first-time users of SkillSoft courses of the various features and functions within the SkillSoft course player. The new course user will be able to quickly access information about how to use the SkillSoft player, and why various options are available. The user will be able to choose the features they want to learn more about by selecting the corresponding topic or lesson. The information within this course will allow users to be more efficient when taking a SkillSoft course.


Viewing Course Content

  • recognize the benefits of presenting content in a variety of formats.
  • label the navigation controls available while viewing content.
  • identify methods SkillSoft courses use to present content and engage the learner in the learning process.
  • identify key features of Matching and Sequencing questions.
  • identify key features of Multiple Choice and True/False questions.
  • recognize key features of Simulated Dialogs.
  • identify key RolePlay features.
  • recognize the key features of Rate and Self-assessment questions.
  • identify the primary attributes of Preassessments and Masteries.
  • recognize the names or functions of each audio control button.
  • select the key features of bookmarking.
  • Using SkillSoft Course Features

  • recognize how the features and functions of a SkillSoft course can positively affect the learning experience.
  • identify key characteristics of the SkillSoft feature buttons.
  • identify the primary purpose and use of the Course Menu feature.
  • identify primary characteristics of the Accelerated Path feature.
  • identify key features in the Assessments feature.
  • match the options available through the Reference feature to the types of information they provide.
  • identify the key features of Job Aids.
  • identify key characteristics of the SkillSoft’s Help feature.
  • identify the purpose of the Exit button.
  • Moving between Content and Features

  • recognize the benefits of having the ability to move between the course content and the features.
  • identify how to move from a content page to a feature page and what happens when you do.
  • identify how to move from a feature page to a content page and what happens when you do.




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