Slips, Trips, and Falls – Cal/OSHA

All personnel exposed to potential slip, trip, and fall hazards while on the job, and who will potentially use or be around ladders during the course of a routine or nonroutine work day

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Expected Duration
18 minutes

Slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents. This course is intended to provide employees with the ability to recognize and prevent slip, trip, and fall hazards, and to address the key components of ladder safety. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. The learning objectives of the course are to list injuries that can result from slips, trips, and falls; identify fall hazards in the work area; describe the proper use of a ladder; specify how to set up a ladder; list tips to prevent injuries on stairs; describe how to minimize walkway hazards; and list contributing factors to slips, trips, and falls.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by EnSafe Inc., a global professional services company focusing on engineering, environment, health and safety, and information technology.


Slips, Trips, and Falls

  • identify fall hazards in the workplace
  • identify methods to safely use a ladder
  • use the 4-to-1 rule to determine safe ladder placement
  • identify ways to prevent injuries on stairs
  • identify ways to minimize walkway hazards




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