Social Networking and Collaboration in SharePoint 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; and business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2016


Expected Duration
64 minutes

In SharePoint 2016, social networking and collaboration features continue to be very popular. My Site in SharePoint 2016 includes Newsfeeds, OneDrive and Sites pages which provide social networking capabilities. This course explores My Site including accessing, navigating, editing My Site profile, and customizing the My Site page. The course also includes information on working with OneDrive and Sites, microblogging, using and managing blog posts, and using, interacting, and editing newsfeeds in SharePoint 2016.


Accessing and Setting Up My Site

  • start the course
  • access and navigate SharePoint 2016 My Site
  • recognize how to edit the My Site profile in SharePoint 2016
  • make customizations to SharePoint 2016 My Site


  • access and use OneDrive in SharePoint 2016 My Site
  • access and work with the Sites feature in SharePoint 2016
  • use and create blog posts in SharePoint 2016
  • use and manage blog post categories in SharePoint 2016
  • view and manage published blog posts in SharePoint 2016
  • customize the blog page in SharePoint 2016

Working with Newsfeeds

  • access and initiate newsfeed conversations in SharePoint 2016
  • interact with newsfeeds in SharePoint 2016
  • configure and customize newsfeed settings in SharePoint 2016

Practice: Collaboration & Social Networking

  • recognize how to edit My Site profile, upload a document to OneDrive, delete a blog post, and like newsfeeds in SharePoint 2016





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