Social Networking for Users

The audience will include anyone in an organization who is either currently using, or planning to use, social networking services in a business context. The audience will largely be comprised of the actual users of social networking in these organizations.

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

A social networking service is an online service used to build networks of people often with a common interest or goal. The networks reflect networks of people in the real world. Typically each user has a representation in the form of a profile, and the service allows interaction in the form of messaging, and typically some way to share events, activities, and content, possibly in the form of digital photos, videos or web links. The big international social network providers are Facebook for personal social networking, Twitter, which is described as a micro-blogging service and which allows users to broadcast 140 character messages, and LinkedIn, which is used for professional networking. This course will focus on using social networking services in a business context, and will include a discussion on the services available, instruction on using services in a professional manner, and a discussion of potential issues arising from social networking usage in the workplace.


Social Networking

  • match the social networking provider to its description
  • determine the most appropriate social networking services to use in a given scenario
  • recognize the business uses of social networking
  • describe the main risks associated with the use of social networking in business
  • identify best practice in forming social networking policy
  • describe how social networking can be used in a business context
  • describe the key characteristics of responsible social networking




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