Social Networking Fundamentals

Individuals currently using, or planning to use, social networking services in a business context


Expected Duration
44 minutes

A foundational understanding of social networking, its uses and how its benefits mesh with your business is becoming increasingly important. This course will focus on introducing and using social networking services in a business context. You’ll learn the benefits of social networking, how to use these services in a professional manner, and what potential issues can arise from social networking usage in the workplace.


Introduction to Social Networking

  • start the course
  • describe the basics of social networking
  • distinguish between social networking and social media
  • identify popular social networking services
  • identify emerging social networking services
  • recognize features of social networking in SharePoint

Social Networking Benefits

  • recall personal benefits of social networking
  • describe career development benefits of social networking
  • identify business communication benefits of social networking
  • recognize targeted marketing benefits of social networking

Responsible Social Networking

  • identify organizational risks associated with social networking
  • recognize benefits of organizational social networking policies

Practice: Explore Social Networking Fundamentals

  • recall various social networking fundamental concepts





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