Software Program Control Flow Fundamentals

Anyone wishing to understand the basics of software program design


Expected Duration
90 minutes

Computer software works because programmers create algorithms, which when broken down, are nothing more than a collection of logical constructs. This course introduces the learner to the logic behind computer software, including using defining tables to solve a problem, conditional statements like IF…THEN, and repetition using FOR and WHILE loops.
This course doesn’t focus on any one programming language and example code will be provided in the syntax of popular programming languages such as Pascal, C++, VisualBasic and Java.


Using branching statements for selections

  • recognize the features of IF statements
  • recognize how programming languages process IF statements
  • identify the features of CASE statements
  • identify the steps in solving a basic programming problem
  • complete branching statements in C code
  • complete IF statements in a given example
  • complete CASE statements in a given example
  • complete a program based on a defining table in a given example

Programming Loops for Repetitions

  • sequence the operations in a FOR loop
  • recognize how to use the FOR loop in computer programs
  • recognize how to use the WHILE loop in computer programs
  • recognize where to use the WHILE loop
  • analyze the use of a WHILE loop in PASCAL code in given examples
  • create a defining table to determine inputs, processes, and outputs
  • structure an algorithm containing a FOR loop
  • complete a WHILE loop in an algorithm





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