Solution Selling: Mastering the Essentials

Sales professionals who want to develop their solution selling skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Today’s sales professionals are trained to be effective purveyors of products and services. However, standalone sales often represent missed opportunities because customers rarely think beyond their immediate need. Solution selling is a consultative process where the sales professional becomes an invaluable resource to the customer. It’s a method of addressing all the customer’s needs – whether those needs are expressed or unexpressed – for today and into the future. In fact, solution selling is the development of a long-term relationship between the sales professional and the customer, and it represents an ongoing process built on communication, trust, understanding, and mutual respect.
Sales professionals need to be nimble and solution-centric. This course introduces the fundamentals of solution selling, including an explanation of solution selling and why it’s important, the core principles of solution selling, and how the process of solution selling works.


Solution Selling Essentials

  • determine when to use solution selling rather than transactional selling in a sales situation
  • recognize the benefits of solution selling as a sales strategy
  • recognize the principles of solution selling, given a scenario
  • recognize characteristics of a problem-focused discussion
  • determine which solution selling tactics to use with a given customer




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