Source Control on AWS

IT professionals and developers who have DevOps – development and operations – experience including deploying, managing, and operating using the AWS platform


Expected Duration
67 minutes

Source control is the management of changes to an organization’s code base and is very important for growing companies. In this course, you will learn to use the AWS product, CodeCommit.


Overview of Git

  • Start the course
  • describe the data model in Git
  • describe the process of using Git for branching and merging
  • describe the process of using Git for merging and integrating
  • describe the protocols and etiquette to use when collaborating with Git (feature flags and test-driven development)
  • describe the various Git branches and how they relate to each other

AWS CodeCommit

  • configure an IAM user group policy and install Git and Bash in AWS CodeCommit
  • configure SSH for AWS CodeCommit
  • create a repo in AWS CodeCommit
  • integrate an AWS CodeCommit repo with a Lambda function
  • integrate an AWS CodeCommit repo with an SNS topic





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