Specifying and Assigning Resources in Project 2007

Business managers, project managers, planners, and team members who want to track and manage project tasks, costs, and resources; candidates for Microsoft User Specialist certification; anyone wishing to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Project 2007; end users seeking competence in Microsoft Office Project 2007.

Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Office environments; a basic knowledge of standard project methodology is an advantage

Expected Duration
150 minutes

In Microsoft Office Project 2007, people, equipment, and materials are collectively referred to as “resources.” A large part of a project manager’s responsibilities is managing these resources, whether that be assigning resource work times, leveling resources that are overallocated, and overseeing the budgeting and costs of resources. This course provides an overview of resource management for projects, and will help you get to grips with Microsoft Office Project 2007’s robust resource management tools.


Understanding Resources

  • add a work resource to a project
  • add a material resource to a project
  • set the working time for a resource
  • assign a work resource to a task
  • assign a material resource to a task
  • add information to a resource assignment
  • add a work resource to a project
  • specify a resource’s working hours
  • assign a resource to a task

Adjusting Resources

  • disable effort-driven scheduling
  • change the task type in a given scenario
  • apply a contour to a task in a given scenario
  • level a resource
  • find out what resources have been overallocated
  • add a cost for a resource
  • recognize costs that need to be fixed
  • level a resource
  • add a cost for a resource
  • manage project resources in a given scenario





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