SPNGN1 1.0: Cisco Device Management

This course is targeted at networking engineers who must interface with Cisco IOS, IOS XR and IOS XE devices. Additionally, those who have a need to understand technologies used in the service provider realm will benefit.


Expected Duration
59 minutes

Managing network devices for a service provider involves a great many protocols. These protocols include SNMP, SYSLOG, and NetFlow. Knowing how each of these protocols plays into the facilitation of network administration is important because each fulfills a different requirement. This course covers technologies used in the management and discovery of networks. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks Part 1 exam (640-875 SPNGN1). This exam counts toward the CCNA Service Provider certification.


Collecting Device Data

  • start the course
  • describe network management in the Cisco IP NGN architecture
  • describe Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • use CDP to collect information
  • tune CDP configuration
  • describe components of Simple Network Management Protocol
  • describe MIBs and OIDs for data collection in SNMP
  • configure basic SNMP settings on Cisco IOS XR
  • describe system message logging
  • describe the Syslog message format
  • configure Syslog on Cisco IOS and IOS XR
  • describe the purpose of NetFlow
  • Practice: Device Management in Cisco

  • to manage devices in Cisco by viewing information and understanding the roles of network protocols




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