SPNGN1 1.0: Operating and Securing a Cisco Switch

This course is targeted at networking engineers who must interface with Cisco IOS, IOS XR and IOS XE devices. Additionally, those who have a need to understand technologies used in the service provider realm will benefit.


Expected Duration
87 minutes

To successfully manage a Cisco switch, administrators must understand how to manage the files and security of the chassis. Important files include configuration files and those used by the operating system. Knowing how to manage these files and secure the basic access to the switch is important for anyone deploying a switch. This course covers switch operation tasks such as file management as well as fundamental security setup of a switch. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks Part 1 exam (640-875 SPNGN1). This exam counts toward the CCNA Service Provider certification.


Operating a Cisco Switch

  • start the course
  • describe device configuration files
  • use the copy command
  • save and restore configurations on an IOS device
  • describe major elements of Cisco device startup
  • describe how a device finds the IOS
  • describe the output from the initial bootup of a switch
  • describe how to exit the setup script
  • configure the hostname for a device
  • configure the domain-name for a device
  • configure the Switch Management IP Address
  • configure the Switch Default Gateway
  • Understanding Switch Security

  • describe steps to mitigate password attack threats
  • configure Passwords and the MOTD banner
  • contrast Telnet and SSH
  • describe the need for access control on a LAN
  • configure Port Security
  • verify Port Security
  • describe Port Security with sticky learning
  • secure unused ports
  • Practice: Switch Management

  • describe the characteristics of managing the files and security of the Cisco Switch Chassis




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