SQL Server Virtual Machines on Azure

SQL Server database administrators and application developers


Expected Duration
114 minutes

Azure virtual machines provide a way to move on-premise SQL Server workloads and applications to the cloud. This course will cover the recommended usage scenarios for Azure VMs, as well as how to provision, create, and connect to Azure SQL Databases. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for the 20765A: Provisioning SQL Databases exam.


SQL Server on Azure VM

  • start the course
  • explain SQL Server on Azure virtual machines
  • recognize SQL Server Azure VM usage scenarios
  • explain per-minute licensing
  • recognize the differences between IaaS and on-premises deployments
  • demonstrate how to connect to a SQL Server Azure VM
  • demonstrate how to migrate a database to a SQL Server Azure VM
  • perform a backup of a database to an Azure storage account
  • perform a restore from an Azure storage account to an Azure VM
  • configure automatic patching and updating of an Azure VM running SQL Server
  • describe the customer experience improvement program (CEIP)

Azure SQL Database

  • explain service tiers in SQL Server 2016
  • describe common service tier use cases
  • demonstrate how to create a sysadmin account
  • explain elastic database pools
  • describe when to use the appropriate service tier
  • explain SQL Server 2016 database transaction units
  • describe how to provision an Azure SQL Server 2016 database
  • demonstrate how to create an Azure SQL Server 2016 database
  • demonstrate how to connect to an Azure SQL Server 2016 database

Practice: Azure Deployment Options

  • determine when to deploy SQL to Azure VMs and databases





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