Stakeholder-driven Process Improvement

Supervisors, team leaders, process owners, and managers at all levels who want to develop or refine their skills for leading sustainable process improvement


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Figuring out what needs fixing is the easy part. When you’re launching a major process improvement in your organization, the greatest challenges lie in getting buy-in, and actually sustaining the improvement. In this course, you’ll learn universal evergreen methods that position your process improvement effort to succeed while building excitement and enthusiasm for the changes. You’ll discover simple – yet powerful – collaborative methods to define the problem, gather voice-of-stakeholder data, and pinpoint what to improve. You’ll also learn methods for measuring baselines and targeting specific improvements to achieve the future state you envision for the process.


Process Improvement

  • recognize essential elements to include in a charter for a process improvement effort
  • determine if a problem statement is likely to be effective for soliciting appropriate VOS input
  • calculate the impact of a problem source based on VOS data
  • use a Pareto analysis to identify the relatively few VOS issues making up 80% of the impact of issues overall
  • sequence steps to structure process improvement actions
  • take initial steps to initiate a process improvement effort





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