Strategic Decision Making

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The field of IT management continues to evolve as new methodologies and technologies are made available and adopted by the marketplace at large. Deciding what kinds of work your firm should outsource, whether to lease or buy, and the kinds of projects best kept in-house are matters of crucial concern to any IT manager. At the same time, an array of resource planning and management tools–CRM, ERP, and types of portal technologies–must be closely examined for possible applications that could save money, obtain new customers, or encourage return of existing clientele. This course examines each of these issues and offers IT managers background upon which to base their own strategic decisions.

Target Audience

IT managers and other professionals with an interest in IT concerns



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Staffing and Equipment Strategies

  • recognize the importance of strategic decision making for information technology professionals.
  • select examples of tasks that can be outsourced.
  • select examples of tasks to perform for insource planning.
  • assess the reasoning behind the development of an insource plan to determine whether an appropriate choice has been made.
  • select examples of the factors for leasing versus buying equipment.
  • Using IT Business Methods and Technologies

  • recognize the benefits of understanding types of IT methods and technologies.
  • identify examples of each type of ERP.
  • choose the appropriate enterprise resource planning strategy for a hypothetical workplace scenario.
  • match strategies used in Customer Relationship Management to examples.
  • match types of portal technologies to examples.
  • determine whether the appropriate portal technology has been used in a given workplace scenario.




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