Strategic Planning and Positioning for IT Projects

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Have you ever been involved in information technology (IT) projects where the client was disappointed with the deliverable? Are you looking for new approaches and strategies to help you better plan for your next IT project? As you proceed through this course, you will learn new methods of strategic project planning to help you plan more effectively for your next IT project. In addition, you will learn about the importance of strategic positioning for IT projects and the processes involved in developing a strategic position for your next IT project.

Target Audience

This course is specifically targeted to experienced IT managers and managers who support IT project managers. Company executives, project managers, and functional managers with employees assigned to project teams will also benefit from this course.



Expected Duration

300 min.

Course Objectives

Strategic Project Planning

  • recognize the benefits of strategic project planning.
  • select the components involved in performing a SWOT analysis.
  • perform a SWOT analysis, given a project scenario.
  • identify the strategic project planning issues that must be considered before developing a project plan.
  • perform strategic project planning by considering the relevant issues for a given IT project.
  • match the three steps to develop a strategic project plan to examples of each.
  • apply the steps for developing a strategic project plan, given an IT project scenario.
  • Strategic Project Positioning

  • recognize the benefits of understanding strategic project positioning.
  • match the strategic positioning roles required to establish a strategic project position to examples of each.
  • classify given examples of project goals into their corresponding echelons.
  • sequence the steps involved in developing a strategic project position in an IT project.
  • develop a strategic project position for an IT project in a given scenario.
  • identify examples of strategic positioning alternatives.
  • determine the most effective strategic positioning alternative to use for a given IT project.




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