Strategies for Building a Cohesive Team

All levels of employees; anyone who participates on any type of team.


Expected Duration
29 minutes

Team cohesion, or the strength of the links between team members, determines how effective a team will be, especially in responding to outside pressures. A team has to be cohesive if its members are to function as a unit, working closely and efficiently to achieve common goals. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a more cohesive team by focusing on improvements in three areas: communication, cooperation, and trust. You’ll learn specific strategies for improving communication and promoting cooperation among team members. You’ll also learn what signs suggest a lack of trust on a team and what you can do about this, including specific techniques you can use to build trust.


Elements of a Cohesive Team

  • recognize guidelines for responding positively to team members to promote effective team communication
  • recognize ways of creating a sense of partnership among team members to promote effective communication
  • identify methods of encouraging team members to talk to each other
  • recognize strategies for promoting cooperation among team members, including putting the team’s needs first and accepting unpleasant tasks
  • recognize strategies for discouraging competition among team members to promote effective communication
  • recognize indicators of a lack of trust in teams
  • recognize strategies for building trust
  • recognize strategies for building team cohesion




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