Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: An Introduction

Team leads, supervisors, managers, and business professionals responsible for transitioning new employees into the organization and for the continued success of current employees

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

What is employee onboarding and how does it differ from orientation? How can investment of time and money into such a program improve your organization? This course introduces the concept of employee onboarding and demonstrates that it’s a wise investment if properly executed. Onboarding programs rebuke the old adage that it is HR who deals with new hires. On the contrary, it’s managers who should be deeply involved for the program to be successful. This course provides managers with an insight into their unique role and outlines the benefits they reap from properly onboarding new hires. The course illustrates the key elements of an effective onboarding program, and explains how onboarding is different from traditional orientation. Rather than being an event, onboarding becomes an ongoing process that can last upwards of a year. During this time, employees have a greater chance of becoming acculturated with the organization, and will become more productive in a quicker period of time than with orientation alone. Furthermore, a successful onboarding program can greatly decrease employee turnover, as new employees feel engaged and motivated in their new roles.


An Introduction to Successful Employee Onboarding

  • distinguish between employee orientation and onboarding
  • determine if an onboarding program has all the elements to make it successful
  • identify the high-level objectives of onboarding programs
  • recognize the types of activities managers should undertake to onboard employees effectively




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