Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Assessing Program Success

Team leads, supervisors, managers, and business professionals responsible for transitioning new employees into the organization and for the continued success of current employees

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

When you can see measurable results from your onboarding program, it provides you with the information you need to make continuous improvements. In order to receive continuing support for your program, you need to demonstrate its benefits. But how can you know that your onboarding program is achieving what you set out to achieve? In order to ensure your program is having a positive effect on the organization, it’s important to measure it for successes and shortfalls. This course introduces key areas to focus on when evaluating your onboarding program, including how to assess new hire adjustment levels. The importance of soliciting feedback from participants is stressed, as well as the common issues that arise during onboarding. The course also reviews metrics for measuring the success of the actual program such as retention rates, employee satisfaction, and time to competency.


Measuring Program Success

  • match onboarding feedback areas with example survey questions
  • recognize common issues with onboarding
  • determine how well a new employee has adjusted in given scenario
  • recognize examples that indicate new hires have adjusted to their roles
  • determine if the correct steps were taken to measure the success of onboarding in a given scenario
  • match onboarding success benchmarks to examples of how they are measured





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