Strategies for the Modern Public Relations Professional

Individuals who are new to Public Relations or anyone wishing to refresh their Public Relations skills


Expected Duration
21 minutes

Public Relations has always been a balance of persuasion, information, and communication – but these terms imply a one-sided relationship. The rise of social media and lightning-fast news cycles requires that modern PR professionals engage more with their audience and build and maintain relationships. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of modern PR, including new research methods, how to create and maintain relationships with your influencers, and how to react when things go wrong. You’ll also learn how to build and monitor a successful PR campaign.


Public Relations Strategies

  • recognize modern research methods for finding out what your audience wants and needs
  • identify the characteristics of a successful PR plan
  • recognize the qualities of effective modern influencers
  • recognize how to build relationships with your Influencers
  • recognize how to handle a PR crisis effectively
  • recognize how to measure and monitor the success of a PR campaign





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