Styling Page Elements using CSS3

Web developers who want to learn how to use the features of CSS3


Expected Duration
110 minutes

CSS3 has a wide range of options for configuring web page elements. In this course, you will learn how to work with color, apply borders, and other styling features to elements. You will also learn how to configure tables with CSS3 for effective presentation of content such as spreadsheet and calendar data.


Working with Elements

  • start the course
  • use CSS to add a border to an element
  • use CSS to add rounded borders to an element
  • use CSS to add blurred edges to an element
  • use CSS to add elliptical corners to an element
  • use CSS to add a drop shadow to an element
  • contrast display and visibility in CSS and use these features

Color and Page Elements

  • use CSS to manipulate color
  • contrast and use CSS opacity or RGBA settings to make an element transparent
  • use CSS to set a background image or color for a page or other element
  • use CSS to apply linear gradients to an element
  • use CSS to apply radial gradients to an element
  • use CSS3 to create gradient text

Spans, Divs, Shapes and the Cursor

  • configuring spans with CSS
  • style divs with CSS
  • use basic CSS to draw shapes such as triangles
  • use CSS to change the mouse cursor

Tabular Data

  • use CSS to style tables
  • use CSS to apply cell and table borders and to remove white spaces between cells when borders are applied
  • use CSS to specify alternate table row colors
  • use CSS to change a row color when hovered over
  • use CSS properties to format spreadsheet data in tabular format
  • use CSS to display calendars

Practice: Styling Page Elements

  • use CSS to style different elements on a html page





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