Subforms, Subreports, and Conditional Formatting in Access 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Subforms and subreports allow you to display related data from separate sources in a single interface in Access 2010. This course will demonstrate how to use Access 2010 to create and use subforms and subreports. It also explores how to apply conditional formatting to tables, forms, and reports using the streamlined conditional Formatting Rules Manager.


Subforms, Subreports, and Conditional Formatting

  • create subforms
  • set the default view of a subform
  • create subreports
  • make design change subreports
  • apply conditional formatting to data in a report
  • change the priority of a conditional formatting rule
  • add a subform to a form and set it’s default view
  • add a subreport to a report and prepare to make subsequent design alterations
  • use conditional formatting in a report





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