Succeeding in the American Workplace

Individuals who have moved, or plan to move, to the United States to live and work; also useful for anyone interested in American culture and work life

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Efficiency, achievement, and action are important workplace values in the United States. And being successful in an American workplace can depend on how well you adopt practices that reflect these values. For example, do you actively look for ways to make things better in your organization? Do you know how to conduct meetings efficiently? Are you able to make decisions quickly and effectively when working in time-sensitive situations? This course describes effective workplace practices and behaviors related to these and other areas that can help you succeed in the American workplace.


Succeeding in the American Workplace

  • choose appropriate action-focused behaviors in a given scenario
  • recognize examples of workplace behaviors that are action focused
  • describe behaviors and practices that align with the results focus often found in an American work environment
  • determine whether the guidelines for efficient workplace practices have been carried out in a given scenario
  • determine whether the guidelines for appropriate behavior at a networking event have been followed in a given scenario





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