Successful Delegation: Supervise and Encourage

Managers and team leaders for small-to-medium sized teams


Expected Duration
23 minutes

‘We all get the results we deserve’ is especially true when it comes to following up on tasks after delegation. Have you ever received a request to do something from someone and never heard another thing until they complain that you are overdue or that the results are not what they expected? Supervision at the right level – avoiding the equal temptations to either micromanage or to ignore the delegate’s activities – is critical to assuring a good result. Giving the right coaching, encouragement and support to the delegate, plus seeking feedback and eliciting questions from the assignee are skills to develop for best results. And remember, you have responsibility for execution no matter what happens. In this course, you’ll learn how to give supervision and feedback to ensure that your delegates actually deliver what you want and when you expect. You’ll find out how to set checkpoints and make sure the delegate gets the support and coaching they need to be effective. Finally, you’ll discover constructive ways to respond when things go wrong and how to handle failed deliveries without demotivating the delegate.


Getting the Deliveries You Expect

  • recognize actions to take to follow up on a delegated task appropriately
  • distinguish between actions that motivate and demotivate a delegate
  • respond appropriately to bad results from delegation
  • deliver constructive criticism to improve performance
  • use appropriate supervision and feedback to enhance a delegate’s performance





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