Support Center Services and Work Environment

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their customer service skills

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Expected Duration
180 minutes

The keys to success are creating a support culture that focuses on your customers’ needs and building up your support team’s skills and knowledge to provide that support.

This course is intended to introduce the learner to the basic levels of service commitments, ethics, and attitude expected of customer service representatives. Best practices, personal accountability, enhancing the image of the organization, and the work environment are covered. This course helps to prepare learners to work in a customer support center or help desk environment.


Service Commitments and Ethics

  • recognize the characteristics of good customer support
  • recognize the importance of an ethical approach to customer support
  • match customer support best practices to examples
  • identify what role managers play in encouraging Customer Service Representatives to follow best practice guidelines
  • identify company actions/policies that represent a commitment to a high level of customer support in a given scenario
  • apply methods of ensuring Customer Service Representatives take personal responsibility
  • recognize how commitment to customers is demonstrated in given scenarios
  • recognize how to protect the good image of the organization while supporting customers

Service Attitude

  • recognize the benefits of having a positive service attitude
  • recognize examples of customer support provided with an excellent service attitude
  • identify personal methods of projecting an excellent service attitude

Customer Support Work Environment

  • identify the factors involved in creating an effective customer support work environment
  • create a collaborative and supportive work environment in a given scenario
  • identify employee programs that help create a supportive work environment
  • identify the benefits of a collaborative and supportive work environment
  • identify the benefits of providing Customer Service Representatives with shared workspaces
  • identify the problems associated with shared workspaces
  • identify the advantages of private workspaces





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