Systems Thinking

All professionals

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Expected Duration
1 day


Systems thinking can help you identify the patterns and interrelationships that can help you solve complex problems. In this course, you’ll explore the origins of systems thinking and how it can help in planning and problem solving. You’ll learn how to identify the components of an organizational system, and how and when to communicate within such systems.

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1. Systems and Systems Theory

  • What Is a System
  • What Is Systems Thinking
  • Origins of Systems Thinking
  • The Fifth Discipline
  • Systems Thinking in Planning

2. Organizational Systems

  • What Is an Organizational System
  • Example of an Organizational System
  • How Do You Understand an Organizational System

3. Awareness of the Entire System

  • How Do You Learn about New Things
  • Components of a System
  • Inputs
  • Processes
  • Outputs
  • Representing Your System
  • Example of a Causal Loop Diagram

4. Communication Channels

  • Communication Loop
  • Obstacles to Communication
  • Communication in a System
  • Communication Within Your System
  • Keeping Communication Channels Open
  • Choosing the Right Medium

5. When to Communicate

  • Knowing When to Communicate
  • Communicating about Change
  • Change in an Organizational System
  • Goals of Communication



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