Tags, Notes, Community Sites, and Search in SharePoint 2016

End users; business users; IT administrators; and business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2016


Expected Duration
54 minutes

In SharePoint 2016, you can use community sites to engage in discussions, store content, and interact with other users. A robust search functionality is also available in SharePoint 2016 to easily locate items such as documents, people, and conversations across a SharePoint site. This course covers using and managing tags and notes, and joining and participating in community discussions. This course also covers using the search functionality and configuring search alerts and preferences in SharePoint 2016.


Using Tags and Notes

  • start the course
  • add tags and notes to lists and libraries in SharePoint 2016
  • edit and delete tags in SharePoint 2016
  • access and use tab profile features in SharePoint 2016

Community Sites in SharePoint 2016

  • recognize how to join SharePoint 2016 communities
  • post and reply to community discussions in SharePoint 2016
  • recognize how to access and use community site tools and settings in SharePoint 2016

Information and People Search

  • recognize how to use the search field to search in SharePoint 2016
  • perform searches using Windows Explorer in SharePoint 2016
  • search for people in SharePoint 2016
  • recognize how to use and perform advanced searches in SharePoint 2016
  • configure search alerts and people search preferences in SharePoint 2016

Practice: Commenting and Searching

  • create tags and notes, reply to community discussions, and use the search feature in SharePoint 2016





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