Tailoring PRINCE2 to a Project Environment (PRINCE2®: 2009-aligned)

All levels of employees or individuals who intend to write OGC’s PRINCE2: 2009 Foundation exam and those who wish to acquire the skills necessary to successfully participate in a project management team using the PRINCE2 methodology

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

By definition, not all projects are the same. One of the defining characteristics of a project is that it is unique. Each project has a different team, a different customer, and a different location. And typically each product is unique in some way as well. Projects differ in terms of scale, complexity and culture. They can be a stand-alone entity or part of a programme of related projects. The key point is that there is a multitude of factors that affect how your project should be managed. As a result, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ project management. The good news is that PRINCE2 can be tailored to suit any project environment you might work in. PRINCE2 is a flexible framework that can be tailored to any type or size of project.
PRINCE2 is recognized as an international standard for process-based project management. It is the standard method for project management in the UK. This course is designed to assist learners in preparation for the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam objectives. In particular this course focuses on the general approach to tailoring a project and what’s involved in tailoring; it also focuses on how to tailor PRINCE2 to suit different project environments including projects in a programme, simple projects, commercial customer/supplier environment type projects as well as multiorganizational projects.


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Overview of Tailoring PRINCE2

  • identify the definition of tailoring
  • identify the project type that is most easily tailored to PRINCE2
  • identify activities that represent tailoring PRINCE2

Tailoring PRINCE2 to Suit the Project Environment

  • recognize the difference between a programme and a project
  • recognize which PRINCE2 activities take place at the programme level
  • identify whether management products would exist at the project or programme level
  • recognize how PRINCE2 would be tailored for a simple project
  • recognize how PRINCE2 themes are tailored within the customer/supplier environment
  • recognize how the customer/supplier environment affects tailoring PRINCE2 processes and management products





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