Take a Deep Breath and Manage Your Stress

Individuals who wish to balance their work-life responsibilities


Expected Duration
22 minutes

If you find you’re constantly adding items to your neverending to-do list, feeling overwhelmed at work and at home, and finding your health and relationships negatively impacted, you are likely experiencing stress. Stress is produced by your own feelings and reactions to certain external events, rather than by the events themselves. This means that while you may not always be able to control the external events causing you stress, you can control your reactions to them and how you handle them. This course explains the physiological, behavioral, and psychological signs and symptoms of stress and where is can come from. The course outlines strategies for dealing with stress and avoiding burnout. It also covers ways to change your responses to stress and make them more positive and how to use relaxation techniques such as breathing and mediation to help you cope.


Getting a Handle on Stress

  • recognize how stress can negatively impact on your health
  • recognize key concepts about stress
  • identify the main characteristics and symptoms of burnout
  • recognize examples of actions and strategies to cope with stress and prevent full-blown burnout
  • sequence examples of the steps of the ABC model used to control stress
  • use the ABC model to manage your reaction to a stressful situation and challenge irrational thoughts





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