Taking Final Steps to Bring a Project to its Close

Anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to manage small- to medium-sized projects successfully.


Expected Duration
27 minutes

We’d all like to think that good scheduling and budgeting will ensure a project will stay on track until completion. The truth is, most projects go a little astray at some point along the way. In this course, you’ll learn some tricks for correcting schedule variances and how to determine if your project is over or under budget. You’ll also learn how to tell whether your project should be canceled and how to bring a healthy project to a successful close.


Controlling Time, Costs, and Close-out

  • recognize methods for getting a project schedule back on track
  • recall how to calculate values used in earned value management (EVM)
  • calculate a project’s cost performance index
  • recognize when it is appropriate to cancel a project
  • identify appropriate activities that accompany completion of work on a project
  • identify administrative activities that should be carried out during project wrap-up
  • recognize methods for effectively controlling schedule and cost performance and closing a project




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