Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance

Individuals who wish to balance their work-life responsibilities


Expected Duration
22 minutes

Do you fill your life with many activities and then find it’s tricky getting a good balance between them? Getting the balance right can provide you with tremendous payback, but where does this balance lie? You want to feel fulfilled and in harmony with yourself and your world. You know finding a balance is good for you, and also impacts positively on your family, friends, and coworkers. This course highlights techniques you can use to analyze your current level of balance between work and life responsibilities. It covers ways to assess your current work/life balance and overcome internal and external obstacles to achieving balance. Only through properly understanding where you are, in relation to where you want to be, can you begin to construct a map that will take you to your objective of a balanced, fulfilled life.


Managing a Balancing Act

  • recognize common symptoms of an out-of-balance life
  • recognize the benefits of achieving a healthy work/life balance
  • identify the elements to analyze when assessing your work/life balance
  • identify elements of a technique to effectively balance the demands of work and your private life
  • identify examples of internal and external obstacles
  • identify the actions to take to overcome an external obstacle in a given scenario





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