Talent Management: Basics

Individuals who want to develop their talent management skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Would you be able to define talent management if someone asked you what it was? And would you be able to explain why it should be a top priority for organizations? Talent management focuses on recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining the right talent to drive an organization’s performance. This course helps clarify talent management’s key role in helping an organization perform at its peak. It introduces and defines talent management, describing key concepts related to it. It also points to why effectively managing talent is so important. In addition, this course identifies the key activities associated with talent management and describes the roles played by managers in implementing a talent management strategy. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Introduction to Talent Management

  • recognize why talent management is important
  • identify key concepts related to talent management
  • identify key activities for each component of talent management
  • recognize the role of managers in implementing a talent management strategy




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