Telecommuting Basics: Communication Strategies for the Remote Employee

Anyone who is or will be telecommuting

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

With the trend toward telecommuting on the rise in many sectors, employees are faced with the growing challenges of working and communicating in virtual offices. Virtual offices can span countries and continents, and effective communication skills are not only important, but are the very key to telecommuters’ success and their ability to move forward in their careers.
This course provides you with an understanding of the importance of communication skills when working as a telecommuter and also covers how career advancement can be achieved while working in a remote environment. You will be introduced to key strategies that should be used for communications. The course demonstrates methods of maintaining presence in the office when not physically there and also deals with why trust is especially important between telecommuters and their colleagues and managers. You will discover how applying the principles of effective listening can improve the way you communicate.


Communication Strategies

  • recognize the qualities you need to communicate effectively
  • recognize how to use communication appropriately to stay connected to your coworkers
  • recognize how to build trust with your colleagues and boss
  • recognize how to listen effectively
  • communicate effectively as a telecommuter
  • identify the actions you can take to move your career forward





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