Telecommuting Basics: Maximizing Productivity as a Remote Employee

Anyone who is or will be telecommuting

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Telecommuting is a widely adopted work arrangement. Globalization, work-life balance, and even green business or environmental concerns have exponentially increased the number of telecommuters and remote workers. Individuals and employers have a number of things to consider when deciding whether working remotely is possible, necessary, or desired. Once the decision is made, the goal is to create and maintain a productive remote work environment.
This course provides an introduction to telecommuting, including helping you determine whether telecommuting is right for you, given the type of job you have and the tasks involved. It also provides information that will be useful for helping you set up your home office so you can be as productive as possible. You will learn about some of the challenges telecommuting presents, and some solutions that will help you create and maintain a productive remote work environment.


Maximizing Productivity

  • recognize examples of the criteria that indicate that a situation is suitable for telecommuting
  • recognize the types of jobs or tasks that lend themselves to telecommuting
  • recognize the requirements to create a productive home office
  • recognize how to avoid time wasters and stay motivated
  • recognize how to deal with telecommuting challenges





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