Testing AngularJS

Web developers looking to expand their skills with AngularJS


Expected Duration
79 minutes

AngularJS has such a fluid design to the language that it makes testing essential for applications. The framework comes with a range of built-in tools to assist with this. In this course, you will learn how to test controllers, services, filters, and directives.


Test Environment Setup

  • start the course
  • set up a test environment
  • install Node and Karma to test applications

Controller Testing

  • test a controller
  • unit test a controller with dependencies

Services and AJAX Testing

  • test custom services
  • test custom services with dependencies
  • set up unit tests that involve AJAX calls

Filters Testing

  • test a custom filter
  • test a custom filter with dependencies

Directives Testing

  • test simple directives
  • test custom directives with external templates
  • test directive bindings
  • test events on directives

Practice: Testing

  • set up unit tests that involve AJAX calls and controllers with dependencies





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