The Art of Staying Focused

Anyone at any level in a company who wants to get some practical guidance for how to manage their time.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Even if you know what’s important to do and have an organized time management routine, losing focus can stop your progress in its tracks. In this course, you’ll learn strategies for dealing with focus challenges and distractions at work. You’ll also explore ways of saying no, and consider ways in which you can adjust your focus in response to changing circumstances or emergencies. And you’ll learn how to refocus when something causes you to lose focus.


Getting Focused

  • recognize tactics for avoiding procrastination and temptation and keeping focused
  • recognize tactics to beat fatigue and manage multitasking to maintain your focus
  • identify strategies for minimizing distractions in your environment
  • select the most effective response for declining a request
  • strategically adjust your focus in response to changing circumstances
  • recognize techniques for regaining focus
  • maintain your focus on a task despite internal and external challenges




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