The Cash Flow Statement

Anyone either serving in an accounting role, or who just wants to have a working understanding of the accounting and bookkeeping functions, but who has no previous experience in accounting

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

As the popular saying goes – revenue is vanity, margin is sanity, and cash is king. While it is very important for an organization to keep earning revenue and maintaining a good profit margin, a positive cash flow is equally important for its survival. Cash flowing in to the organization must meet or exceed the cash flowing out to enable the organization to pay its debts and liabilities and meet its growth and day-to-day cash requirements. The Cash Flow Statement is a key financial statement that reports cash receipts, payments, and net change in cash resulting from operating, investing, and financing activities during a reporting period.
This course discusses various aspects of Cash Flow Statements and walks the learner through the steps in preparing one using a business scenario. Learners are introduced to various components in a Cash Flow Statement and also shown how to calculate cash at the end of the accounting period. This course also presents examples of how various transactions affect cash balances in an organization and how a Cash Flow Statement connects with the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.


Understanding the Cash Flow Statement

  • match examples of Cash Flow Statement items to the section of the Cash Flow Statement they belong to
  • calculate the cash balance at the end of the accounting period in a scenario-based example
  • identify how the Cash Flow Statement connects with the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • recognize how common transactions affect different types of cash flows in the Cash Flow Statement
  • prepare a Cash Flow Statement in a scenario using the indirect method





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