The Consumer Electronics Industry Overview: Version 2

Consulting houses, industry investors, and all size companies that sell products or services to other sectors and industries; organizations looking for knowledge and key business information in the consumer electronics industry


Expected Duration
60 minutes

The Consumer Electronics industry is made up of companies from around the world that manufacture electronic audio and video equipment for individual consumers and businesses. In this fast-moving industry, where some products are lucky to have a shelf life of more than a year, companies need to be able to adapt quickly. In addition, they face challenges related to increased regulation, and the need to continually lower prices to move their products off the shelves. But top industry players are able to adopt effective strategies to remain successful. For example, they might focus on improving their business and manufacturing processes in order to reduce their costs and thereby absorb the lower prices demanded by the market. Or they might increase their investment in research and development to address rapid technological change. This course is designed to help learners understand these challenges and some of the common strategies used to overcome them, as well as some of the other key concepts and terminology associated with the consumer electronics industry.

This course was updated in 2015.


The Consumer Electronics Industry

  • identify the main drivers of the consumer electronics industry
  • identify products and services offered by the consumer electronics industry
  • recognize the consumer electronics industry business model
  • match key competitors in the consumer electronics industry to descriptions about them
  • recognize examples of current trends in the consumer electronics industry
  • recognize examples of challenges in the consumer electronics industry
  • match the appropriate strategy to address each consumer electronics industry challenge





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