The Delegation Process

Managers and team leaders for small- to medium-sized teams


Expected Duration
21 minutes

Everyone has had the experience of asking someone to do something and then not getting back any results or getting back unexpected or poor quality deliveries.  Usually the root cause of this is that the task giver failed to make clear what was needed, by whom, by when, and how, as well as allowing insufficient time. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the factors you need to consider when planning a delegation so that you can convey these to the delegate. You’ll be given guidelines on what to communicate and how. You’ll also learn about the importance of being clear about the level of authority you are delegating and of making sure you inform others who need to know that the delegate is working on the task with your backing.


From Plea to Please – The Delegation Process

  • consider key factors when preparing to delegate a task
  • predict the likely consequences of a person’s approach to communicating an assignment to a delegate
  • recognize how to communicate instructions on a task requirement in the right way
  • recognize the need to empower your delegate
  • launch a successful delegation





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