The Discovery Meeting: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Individuals who want to gain a foundation in basic sales techniques and anyone who wants to develop or refine their existing sales skills


Expected Duration
22 minutes

Discovery meetings are one of the earliest times in the sales process to build credibility, momentum, and trust. They deepen your understanding of customer challenges and opportunities. Conducted effectively, they leave your prospect intrigued to hear about your solutions. In this course you will learn how to prepare for discovery, how to secure the meeting, and how to conduct yourself once you are at face-to-face with the customer. The skills you learn will help you remain confident, avoid surprises, and get the relationship with your prospective customer off on the right foot.


Being Effective during Discovery Meetings

  • identify key outcomes of discovery meetings
  • recognize guidelines for securing a discovery meeting
  • identify the types of people who should be invited to a discovery meeting
  • determine when to match types of questions with discovery questions
  • recognize appropriate skills to use in discovery meetings
  • apply tactics for dealing with surprises during a discovery meeting





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