The Impact of Situation and Style When Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact

Individuals who want to improve their communication skills in the professional environment and become more diplomatic and tactful in communication

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Communicating with diplomacy and tact is more than a skill. It requires an awareness of your environment and style, and an ability to adapt to different situations.
In this course, you’ll see how conversations with different people in different situations can impact how you deliver your message, in terms of respect and sensitivity. By exploring the impact of environment, relationships, and communication style, this course shows you how to recognize the delicacy of different situations. It also demonstrates how you can adjust or adapt your communication style to ensure you communicate with diplomacy and tact.


The Impact of Situation and Style

  • recognize examples where tact and diplomacy have been used effectively
  • determine the appropriate communication approach to use to communicate with diplomacy and tact according to a person’s communication style
  • determine the best approach to use to communicate with people at work according to their relationship to you
  • identify approaches to use in different environments to ensure diplomatic and tactful communication




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